Frost Atronach Music

Shaun A.P.G. “Cryosis” 

Born Dec. 31 1989 in Woodland hills and spent his early years in Palmdale California. In those years is when he first found the flame of music within. “My earliest memories that involve music is my father playing his drumset and me thinking it was cool, not to mention he had us listening to old school metal from the beginning.” From here Cryosis would move to Simi Valley at the age of 7, but not picking up an instrument until he was 13 and playing off and on untill he was 20. “When i was younger, i enjoyed playing on sports and video games, so even though i still liked to listen to music, i never thought i would be able to play it at the time, and then when i picked it up, i was terrible at it for a while. As i started to get decent i played in a few bands with friends, which was fun, but none of us took it seriously.” At the age of 16 is when Cryosis really knew he wanted to play music. While searching for information of his Viking heritage on google, he found a band, a band that when he saw them, would cement the dream. That band is Amon Amarth. “I remember the first time i saw them, it was December 19th 2007. I had seen other great bands before that gave me a good rush, but what made this show different was the way these guys where. They were so down to earth, they looked like they really enjoyed what they did, and that is when i truly knew; that is what i want to be.” So he decided to form a band with his younger brother “Atronach” where they started out as “Philosopher King”. Due to conflicts with school they where not able to fully take a hold of this dream yet until “Cryosis” was 20. With the end in sight he decided to take a hold of his dream, while finishing his degree in college. From here They decided to rename themselves “Frost Atronach” being as how powerful the name felt. He then went on to record his first full length CD with his brother called “Trance of Docile Existence” in which he wrote the lyrics to  “The Vindicator”, “Mastodon” and the bands first song “Death on Glacier Bridge”.

Shane S.G. “Atronach”

Born Aug. 28 1992 in woodland hills and spent his early years in Palmdale California. “I remember being told that as a baby, my Dad could play drums in the room next to me super loud and i would be sleeping peacefully, enjoying the vibrations.” While his love for music never ceased, it wasn’t until the age of 8 that his father gave him a beginners guitar and Atronach got his first feel of an instrument. Though he felt the desire inside of him to learn this instrument, his hyper young mind had no patience for the craft and he gave up playing guitar until the age of 15. “I asked my dad if i could have an electric guitar and then we found the perfect deal online.” Once again, Atronach tried to take the lessons route, seeing as how everyone else did it that way, and after forcing himself to sit through 3 or 4 lessons, he quit them and decided to learn it himself. “It was around this time that my brother and I discovered Amon Amarth, and their music really spoke to me, I learned to play many of their songs.” Naturally, Atronach and Cryosis would jam together and the next step was finding a suitable name for the group. After passing on the first name “Philosopher King” They settled on Frost Atronach due to their appreciation of videogames and mythology.. From here, Atronach went on to write the songs “Dead”, “Zombie”, “Ancient Tale” and “Bile Milkshake”. “Embers of rebellion” and “Trance of Docile Existence” were written by our Dad, ElderOne.